This is what you see after it has been restored back up…


This is from rolling the windows up and down with dirt in the welt.









Door Glass Haze, What is it you ask?

Door Glass Haze comes from your door window welts that are filled with dirt. We have all that fine dust from the dust devils and high winds out here and the dirt will stick to the door windows. N ow every time you roll the windows down the dirt will be caught in the outer door welt. The welt is lined with felt to keep from scratching your window.

As the windows role up and down the dirt will get caught in the felt and it will start scratching the glass. In time it will remove the polish finish that the glass has and it will start looking hazy.

If you want to prevent this from happening to you, just roll the window down and take a wet paper towel and run it back and forth between the two door channel welts and you will see the dirt coming off the outer welt, just keep cleaning it till you feel you cannot get any more off. That should be it. This can be done at any time.

Now if this has already started and has been doing this for a long time on your vehicle, I found a way to restore the glass back to almost new condition. Most folks thought they would have to live with hazy door windows or replace the door glass…

Not anymore.  Drop us a line and let see what we can do for you..

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