Did you know Arizona is a no fault State on glass damage?

Windshield Repairs are waived with your Insurance company under the comprehensive coverage. Because of all the rocks on the roads we have in this State we are listed as one of the top States with Windshield loss damage. Your Insurance Company would rather pay for your Windshield Repair rather than have to pay for your windshield replacement down the road when it cracks out and can not be repaired anymore.

Windshields cost from a few hundred dollars to over a $1,000.00 now days with all the new high tech censers and heads up displays they have …

If you are not sure if you have glass coverage on your vehicle call your Insurance Company and ask them if you are covered or if they will waive your comprehensive deductible for your Windshield Repair. Glass Technology Windshield Repair is one of the top providers for Windshield Repairs Only. We do not replace windshields and never will. We like to say “We will not try to sell you a windshield, If we can not repair it”
Give them a call and ask for us by name when you need your windshield Repair.

Glass Technology Windshield Repair

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