Have you ever pulled into a gas station or car wash and had guys come up to your car and start looking all over the Windshield looking for any kind of chip or blemishes? Only then when they find something on your windshield they finally approach you and say: “You need to get these fixed right away before it cracks, we can call it in for you.” Well, these guys are called “Glass Service Lot Lizard’s”. In a lot of the cases their job is to bait you into getting a replacement for their company they work for.

They will ask you for your policy card and say they will call in the claim for you, but as they are calling in the claim that was to be a repair they tell the insurance companies that it is too big to be repaired and needs to be replaced. They will get it all set up as a replacement and then hand you the phone and tell you to say: “Yes, I need a replacement on my vehicle”. The last thing you heard them say was replacement, they just caught you off guard and you fell into their game. This is called a bait and switch.

Here are two ways never to get caught by this:
(1) Tell them you have your own Glass shop that will do the repair if it needs it and you will be calling it in to your insurance when you get home or to work.
(2) Never give anyone your insurance card when they ask for it. Once they have your policy number some of them will try to file more claims against your insurance and you will not know it until you come up for renewal.

Most “Glass service lot lizard’s” are not insurance approved and that is why they are sitting there waiting to make money off of you.
Your insurance company has a list of approved glass service providers that they have signed up to do work for them in your area.
FYI: Glass Technology Windshield Repair has been a Windshield Repair provider for 25 years with all of the insurance networks around.

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